ONLINE CALENDAR SYSTEM Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

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online calendar scheduling

For many service-oriented businesses, accurate and timely reservations are a necessity to ensure proper service and a confident customer experience. From tour operators and boat-rental providers to managers of athletic fields and facilities, these groups must have a proven reservation system set up, not only for internal scheduling processes, also for the convenience of their customers. Traditional reservation procedures often appear short in both regards. And it’s really for these reasons that lots of businesses, organizations and individuals are incorporating online reservation systems e to their operations.


Booking and managing customer reservations, although an essential component of many service-based groups, is generally seen as time-consuming and tedious. The original manner of scheduling reservations doesn’t help refute this statement: It usually involves booking reservation over the phone and by e-mail, then recording and managing the dates, times, services and customer contact information in separate appointment books, files, spreadsheets or folders.

Not only does this method require a considerable amount of staff time, it also does not give customers the opportunity to book their reservations if it is most convenient for them. A lot of people simply do not have enough time to contact a reservations or appointment during normal business hours. This can lead to two different scenarios: The individual can either book the reservation online (if the service provider offers this program), or they might leave a voice message, in which particular case the provider must take the time to follow up with the individual (and possibly engage in a casino game of “phone-tag” until a particular reservation time is agree upon). Most will concur that the former is the more appealing of these two schemes.

An online reservation system is normally your best option for these service-providers to automate and enhance their booking processes. Commonly known as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-computing applications, this technology is accessible through any Web connection and typically will not require any installations, downloads or expensive hardware. Both the service provider and its own customers access is very much the same as any Website. Like online data storage and document uploads applications, online reservation systems are securely housed online rather than confined to an individual computer terminal or network. This characteristic not merely allows for customers to book reservations online, in addition, it give service providers and their employees the opportunity to access their reservation calendar and customer details from any Web connection, a valuable benefit for those individuals who must have usage of these details from outside their office.

As with most SaaS applications, online reservation system providers usually charge a monthly fee to utilize their service. Many implement the “pay-as-you-go” option, with no long-term contracts.


The functionality found in many online reservation systems is what makes a fully-automated booking system possible.

? Online customer self-scheduling. This enables customers to book their reservations at their very own convenience and anytime of your day, even during non-business hours. It can be a convenience to providers and their staff aswell, as it can significantly reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails from customers seeking reservations.

? Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Sent automatically by the machine in front of you scheduled reservation time, this feature can reduce the amount of “no-shows” by over 50 percent.

? Online payment options. If given the choice, many customers would pay for their services simultaneously they book them. Additionally, individuals are less likely to be “no-shows” if they’ve already paid.

? Record-keeping and reporting. Since online reservation-scheduling systems centralize all inputted information, locating and gathering information on customers and their reservations is a lot simpler than sorting through paper appointment books and spreadsheets. Some software applications have even standard reports that users can quickly create and analyze.