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To correctly choose the right pressure washer, you must first be very clear about its uses. A pressure washer is a machine that uses water to clean different surfaces . To be effective, the water must come out at high pressure through a nozzle or gun.

A pressure washer is an ideal machine for cleaning hard-to-reach places that may be in the home, in a vehicle or in open spaces that require maintenance. In addition to the time and effort saved by cleaning these types of surfaces with difficult-to-remove dirt, they are also very useful for the following functions:

Clean exterior floors.

Clean swimming pools.

Remove paint and stains from walls and walls.

Clean the car.

Clean blinds.


Which is the suitable Multidronet pressure washer?

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Mainly, there are two types of pressure washers: gasoline or electric . Keep in mind that electric pressure washers require a nearby outlet. Therefore, if you want to use them and there is no power source, it would be better to use a gasoline one, since they are completely autonomous and can be used anywhere. The electric type are usually more frequent in domestic use because they are easier to use and maintain.

Another factor to take into account is pressure . In complex jobs, machines with higher pressure are likely to be required, as they will deliver results in less time.

The flow is also an important feature. The more water, the faster the cleaning will be. It is similar to what happens with power , that the higher it is, the more hours it will allow to work on complicated tasks. Electric-type motors that have lower revs are also more durable.

It is also important to know what accessories are needed to clean each surface, as many are included with the machine. They are usually easy to place and do not take up much space either. You have to think about how you want to use it and where, since it is key that it be as ergonomic and light as possible. Some, for example, have wheels that facilitate their transport.

Finally, the water temperature is another factor to take into account. For example, if there is grease or oil present, it is better to use machines that have heating elements that allow the water to be heated.

Pressure Washer Parts And Components

High-pressure cleaners, also known as pressure washers, include the following:

Gun with a lot of pressure. Models in the mid-to-high price range may have a display with an indicator for the detergent’s pressure level or a dosage control.

Spray gun with a hose.

Tubes and hoses. They come in various shapes and sizes and fly in various types of aircraft.

High-pressure flexible hose with a length ranging from 2 to 12 metres. Wire mesh reinforced hoses are used in higher horsepower machines.

Press the button to start the pumping process. Steel, aluminium, or brass are common materials for the pump head (the part that connects the hose to the water inlet). In the end, it is the latter that provides the highest level of quality.

The motor. It can be powered by electricity or by gasoline. Cooled with either air or water.

Wheels to make moving around more convenient.

There are models that include a hose reel to keep it contained and out of the way. Additionally, it is simple to use due to the winding and unwinding simplicity.

Tank for cleaning agents. An external one can be attached to the lance if one is not integrated into the machine.

They must also have a water filter on hand to keep the machine clean of contaminants.

What factors should you take into account before making a pressure washer purchase?

We must first determine whether it will be used in a light or intensive manner, as well as how often we will be using it and the size of the cleaning space we will have to devote to it.

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